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                                          WRITING WISDOM FOR FICTION WRITERS




**FICTION CRAFT ELEMENTS (plot, pacing, characters, voice, dialog, style) using examples from the great classical and contemporary writers.


**CHECK UPS --the targeted questions to help your writing and spark new ideas.


**The DIAGNOSIS –identifying and overcoming obstacles in your writing.


**The RX (PRESCRIPTIONS) --more exercises that will move those obstacles that are preventing you from writing.


**The WHAT IF Epilogue —the chapter to return to when your confidence needs a boost.


**And I reveal how I plotted my novel,

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HELLO FICTION WRITERS! Are you a fiction writer? Are you in need of writing wisdom or at least some guidance?


Hi, I’m Irene Zabytko a fiction writer who has been meandering for a while before publishing my NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novel about Chernobyl called THE SKY UNWASHED.


My best teachers were the great writers I loved to read, and who have inspired, impacted and helped me forge my own writing style and voice. They helped me to write my novel, and I want to show you how you can do the same in my book THE FICTION PRESCRIPTION: HOW TO WRITE AND IMPROVE YOUR FICTION LIKE THE GREAT LITERARY MASTERS where you will find:

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